Shopping Cart

Tangerine Power's Open Source Shopping Cart is available on GitHub. Instead of only offering a base layer Bitcoin API service, we also provide middlewear software making it easier and faster for you to get up and running.

Download or Clone from Github

How Do I Use It?

  • Clone or Download the Tangerine Power Shopping Cart
  • Create a database and database user on your webserver
  • Import the provided SQL file to your database
  • Update the config.php file with your credentials
  • Upload the files to your server
  • You're done! Just go to the directory where you uploaded the files to view the shop, or /login.php to view the admin dashboard.

  • Please be advised that this software is in beta, and is still being developed; there are no guarantees.


    To keep things simple, there are only four endpoints available. Creating address, sending funds, and checking address balances are the main actions one needs to begin developing bitcoin based web applications.

    Why are there no webhooks, callbacks or websocket?

    Tangerine Power is still in the beginning stages, and these features require a lot of server processing power. These features will be possible in the future once we acquire the proper capital to run a system that can handle a heavier load. The Tangerine Power API service was built from scatch with scalability, security, and reliability in mind.

    Creating An Address

    Send From Address

    Sweep To Home Address

    Similar to the previous send funds, however instead of sending a specific amount it will send all available funds from the address specified to your Home Address. This call will not work if you don't have a Home Address saved in your profile page.

    Get Balance of Address

    Amounts are always in satoshis.